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T-Town Throwdown
First, we would like to thank all the shops who participated in the show; Lucky Charm Choppers, Toxic Cycles, Charm City Cycles, Pig Skins Customs, Independents Choppers and Barley Legal Kustoms. We need to give special recognition to 913, who were so threatened by the competition that they felt the need to stuff the ballet box. If you were there, you know the outcome. Everyone in attendance had a great time. The weather was good, after a weekend of rain. The sun had finally shown on American Nightmare. The bands were kick ass! Much thanks to Polterchrist, Omegaloard and Father Feel Me Up. Check out their sites for more tare your face off music. There was stiff competition for the ride in bike show. Those who did win walked away with a custom American Nightmare, Jack Daniels trophy. Hope they enjoyed drinking their prize. Congrats to Greg, Bob and Weedman. The people's choice results were also close, except for the one shop that cheated. Fuckin' Pussies! Toxic Cycles walked away with the biggest, baddest bottle of Jack around. Stay tuned for a feature on each shop, starting with Toxic Cycles, Bad Ass Hard Partiers! If you missed the Throwdown, we feel sorry for you. Lucky for you we are already planning the party for next year. Those of you who went to Laconia, hope you took your boat and not a bike hahahahahahah...

OK so we have a HUGE photo page of what went down at the gig. We are getting more and more submissions all the time so just keep an eye out and they will be updated as we get them in.
For now here is a nice selection for you to check out. Hope you enjoy them... some great stuff going on here.
****T-Town Throw Down Photos click here****

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