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Welcome to American Nightmare Motorcycle Clothing. Biker Clothing geared towards the more original chopper builders and riders... We are kicking ass and taking orders so buy some of our shit and you will soon be very cool in your home town. Make sure you send us photos or art to put up in our photo section. I don't care if it is a shot of your chopper or a shot of your grandmom's tits. Just send something in to
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Heres some AN shit talk for you...
Well its been a long cold winter up here in the armpit of Delco. The good news is that we got to use those nights buildin some cool rides in our new shop. We got some pics here to the right to give you just a little taste of whats been goin down. We can't wait to get the fuck out of here and breathe something besides stale ass air and the dust from whizzer wheels. I'm sure most people on the east coast feel the same right about now. We should have about 3 new designs coming out for the spring/summer. Probably gonna change up the womens clothing and throw in a trucker cap and t shirt. Something along those lines.
Well anyways... Just sayin hi to everyone out there... and fuck the snow... and the cold sucks... and Jim Morrison lives... and whatever else you can think of.




















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